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"In June of 2014, my wife and I made the decision to transform our backyard into a place where our entire family could meet and enjoy all the comforts of the outdoors. 

We had interviewed three local contractors and found Errol's Landscaping to stand out from the others in many ways. What i appreciated most was the professionalism Errol demonstrated from the beginning stages of planning to the signing of the contract, which carried through the completion of the project.

Considering we had made many changes to the original design, Errol was extremely patient and fair with his pricing throughout each phase. He also demonstrated a keen eye for detail to complete each task specifically the way we had envisioned.

Not only were we pleased with his professionalism and the quality of service, we appreciated the effort he and his team made at the end of each day to ensure that the work place was swept and cleaned and made safe for our one-year-old baby.

Based on Errol's performance, I will continue to work with his organization to handle all future construction projects as well as landscaping needs.

It was a pleasure to work with such a competent contractor that was able to handle all phases of the project from the architectural design, to the permits , close-out documents and warranty issues.

I would like to thank his entire organization for providing us with such an outstanding service and professionalism. Thank you for getting the job done in a timely manner."

Ronald D. Importico

"We were searching various landscaping businesses when we were planning our backyard project. We found Errol's Landscaping company through just researching companies in the surrounding areas. Errol came highly recommended through some Manalapan residents that knew him growing up in Manalapan.

We were so pleased after our initial meeting with Errol, he was genuine and just speaking with him, you knew he was well educated and experienced in the landscaping/building industry. This made us feel even more comfortable hiring him to complete our dream backyard, as it was a substantial investment for us. He walked us through the planning and the various decisions that had to be made regarding what we were able to complete in our yard, due to the complex shape of our property. He was great with phasing the project out and really allowing us to decide what we felt comfortable with moving forward.

Errol was hands on throughout the entire project. We were 100% satisfied with the timing of the job, as well as the craftsmanship that each of his workers possessed. They are perfectionists and really have the experience to complete the skills required. All of his employees were pleasant, neat, and punctual.

Another reason and quite possibly became the most important one for us being so impressed with Errol's Landscaping, was that he (along with his sister Fatima) was our main contact. We never had to deal with any of the other contractors that were working on our job -electricians, stone workers, etc. They handled all aspects of the project, which as a homeowner with so many other daily responsibilities was such a relief. 

We would highly recommend Errol's Landscaping, and actually already have had a few people come to look at our dream backyard, mainly for the high quality of craftsmanship, smooth and efficient planning, and the fact that he held true to the plan and the progress of completing the project. Everyone we worked with was a true pleasure and if we had to do it all again- Errol's Landscaping is the only company we would choose to hire.

100% satisfaction with our dream backyard that we get to share with our families and friends"

Paul & Christina Aleksandrowski

"We first used Errol's Landscaping in October 2014.  We hired Errol to do our front yard to give us improved curb appeal.

We live in a small community of 20 homes and did not want to look like all the other homes in the area.

Errol designed and built a beautiful plan of hardscaping and landscaping that stands out from all the other homes in our development.  To this day we still get many compliments and praises for our front yard.

Errol's attention to detail and proper construction methods were always adhered to.  He made sure we were satisfied with his work and did what was necessary to fulfill our wants and needs.

When we decided to improve our backyard with a raised paver patio with a freestanding pavilion and masonry wood-burning fireplace, there was no question in our mind who we would hire.

Errol took my plan and design and brought it to reality.  We could not have been happier or more satisfied with the finished project. His workers all take pride in their work and give it their all.  They always greeted us in a friendly and respectful way.

They worked hard throughout the day and always cleaned up before leaving at the end of the day.

They would return the next day and once again give the project the time and effort to bring the job to a successful and beautiful conclusion.

We would recommend Errol's Landscaping to anyone that wants a project done correctly with superior design and the highest professional quality of workmanship

 Paul & Rose Lea Fichtner, Freehold N.J.

"I contacted Errol’s Landscaping in March 2020.  We discussed removal of existing front landscaping and walkway and redesign with a newer look.  Unfortunately the pandemic happened and I was forced to postpone.  Fast forward March 2022, I reached out again and it went into planning.  In addition to the front landscaping and walkway, I added a back patio with a fire pit area along with an outdoor kitchen.  After 2 weeks of discussion, I had a contract with the exact start date we had discussed.  Errol and Fatima were very easy to work with.  Fatima responded to every email within minutes. 

Start date comes.  The whole crew shows up along with Errol, which owner on the job site is a big plus, and they go right to work.  Removed all of the old landscaping in just a few hours.  Everyday they were scheduled to work, they showed up on time and worked long and hard throughout the day.  They kept the whole yard clean as they went along.  Errol was popping in every few hours between other jobs to inspect.  Another big plus. 

The job took several weeks as planned.  Everything moved along and the progress everyday was amazing.  When you’re doing a large project and spending a lot of money, it’s nice to hire the right company.  I highly recommend Errol’s Landscaping. They transformed my property into a little oasis which my family and friends get to enjoy."

Dominic Mandica

"I choose Errol’s because of their reputation in the industry, craftmanship of their employees, quality work, and willingness to sit multiple times to produce a true landscape plan to enhance my property. Family-owned business and customer satisfaction is priority number one."

Steve Quadrel

"I worked with Errol’s Landscaping for our big backyard project and it was because of him and his team that it was done without any stress on our side. He worked with our pool contractor and was here almost daily to oversee the progress. His crews’ work is done so detail oriented it was beyond our expectations. Our covered patio, Fire pit area and patio around the pool was done so beautifully , it looks like a resort. Also the customer service is outstanding, and we have worked with many contractors but none have been as easy as working with Errol."

Swati Tolia

"We have been loyal customers of Errol’s Landscaping for over 20 years for three reasons: excellent work, reliability and accessibility to the owner.

We have used Errol’s Landscaping for both major landscaping projects and a recent building project. We added a covered patio with an outdoor fireplace to our backyard during the pandemic. Errol’s Landscaping had no problem obtaining materials or labor to get the job done. In addition, Errol visited the job site almost everyday for a project update.

I enthusiastically recommend Errol’s Landscaping!"

Elaine Washawanny

"Outstanding, Excellent craftsmanship are just a few words to describe Errol's Landscape. Last year they created a magnificent job in our front and this year they completed an outdoor paradise! Errol himself is always checking in on the progress and making sure the work is being completed to both the customers satisfaction and his own. His workers are meticulous and actually care about the work they perform. By far the best landscaper I have ever seen. They go above and beyond to make sure the job is done right."

Gus & Elyse Towli

"We used Errol for our front landscaping and outdoor lighting. Errol provided a design that was beautiful and fit the style of our home. We are extremely happy with the selection and quality of the shrubs and trees he planted for us. He listened to our needs, met with us several times to present his design ideas and executed the plan. We especially appreciate that our landscape design is different from other homes in our neighborhood. His team was polite, punctual and provides amazing work. We highly recommend Errol and would not hesitate to use his services again."

Sean Stewart

"We would like to thank you for the excellent job on the many home improvement projects your company performed on our home. The work you and your craftsmen completed far exceeded our expectations.

Our new 2-tier patio, retaining walls, and new front, side and back yard paver area improvements along with completely new landscaping have beautifully transformed our home. In addition, we were very fortunate to also contract your company to install new siding, replace our old windows and doors with high-quality replacement units, and design and install a new back yard Bar-B-Q island - the new granite-top station with gas grill and 2-burner cooktop Looks and Works Great!

We have received a number of complements from neighbors on the results of the work as well as their favorable comments on the daily end-of-day cleanup your workers performed which included street sweeping in front of our property.

We will be happy to recommend your Company as well as serving as a reference site for potential customers in the area to visit. Please relay our recognition and appreciation to your workers for their skillful craftsmanship and doing a Super Job!"

Ernest G. Arias~ Morganville, NJ

"My wife Rita and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the wonderful landscape and hardscape project you recently completed in our backyard.

We absolutely love the design and your attention to detail and workmanship was meticulous. We have gotten many compliments to date and we cannot believe how beautifully it all came together. It should be noted also that your employees could not have been any nicer and more courteous as well. They were very detail oriented and worked hard continuously throughout the day.

Please convey our thanks to all that were involved in transforming our backyard into our own private oasis!"

Kenneth J. Reilly

"Errol’s Landscaping has been doing work for me since 1999. They have done my lawn, landscaping, walkways, lighting, patios, poolscape, pool liner, barbeque, outdoor kitchen, retaining wall, seasonal maintenance, roof and even built me a bathroom. I have also used them to redo and repair the work of other contractors that I had unfortunately used. All the work they have done for me has been done with extreme care and quality. It has stood the test time and elements. The few problems that have arisen have been resolved quickly and amiably by Errol and his staff. I have recommended Errol’s to my family and friends and have never regretted it. I know there are many landscaping companies these days that make a lot of claims but I am confident there is no company out there that is as good as Errol’s."

Tom~ Freehold NJ

"I want to address the circumstances that I came in contact with Errol’s Lawn and Landscape. My husband and I had been able to build a lovely home in an upscale area. I was 5 months pregnant when we moved in. Like so many couples we had spent our money on upgrades to get the interior the way we wanted and had a very small budget for landscaping. We knew our budget would not allow for a lot, but we knew that our property was bare. We called up three landscapers in the area, two more well-known than Errol’s was at the time. There were certain landscapers that were the “who’s who” of landscaping in this area. My husband and I had bought in one of those “desirable” areas. It became clear very quickly that I was being judged for the size of my home NOT the budget I had given them. I had a modest $5000 budget and was being shown what I could do for $10,000 and the other landscaper showed me what I could do for $15,000. I obviously knew I could get a lot more for double and triple my money. I wanted to know what I could get for my ACTUAL budget. I felt a little embarrassed and pressured like a high school kid to “keep up with the neighbors.” I couldn’t afford and wouldn’t do this. Errol was the last landscaper to come and present us with his plan. There it was a plan that was for $5000. Not only had he shown me what he could do within that budget but also expanded on other pages and said “over time this is what can be added for another x dollars and then if you expand on that, this is what you can get for y dollars. That was it. He respected my boundaries and showed me what I had asked for. Integrity cannot be bought, it has to be earned.

Some years later, Fatima came out to plant flowers throughout my beds in the front yard. She planted beautiful inpatients. I was so proud of how beautiful they looked. Unfortunately, the Deer ate the flowers, an unforeseen hazard of living in NJ. I never said anything. I came home one day and found all my impatiens back. I was really confused and called Fatima. She told me she had driven by the house and saw what the deer had done and went ahead and replanted them. I didn’t know what to say, I was concerned about the additional cost since that wasn’t in my plans for the season to redo. Fatima was mortified that I thought that I owed the Company money. It wasn’t about the money, it was about the pride that Errol’s Lawn and Landscape took in their work and my lawn. This you can’t buy, nor do you see in this day and age, pride in ownership, pride in their own work.

Now almost 17 years later, I consider Errol and his staff part of my family. Their staff has been with them throughout the years they have been with me, that not only says something about who Errol and Fatima are, but the men that work for them as well. It feels good to see them each year and the sense of security I have with the quality of work that is done. Throughout the 17 years they have built patios, sanctuary areas, retaining walls, and were featured with our home in NJ Design magazine. The true testimonial of a relationship that goes above and beyond was when Sandy hit last year. We had lost our beach house as so many had. There were no trucks, movers, etc… left to help mitigate the damages. The stench on our property from the water and what was in it was indescribable. It was the day before Thanksgiving. I had left an emotional message on Errol’s machine. I had run out of resources. I was tired and am someone who asks NO ONE for help. This was larger than I was, larger than we all were. Errol called back and said “whatever you need”. For three days, including on Thanksgiving Errol and his men helped get furniture out of my first floor that had been ruined, and did the daunting task of removing debris from by yard both front and back that Poseidon himself had left there. There was little to no money from insurance coming in. I would never expect anyone to do something for nothing. I kept hounding Fatima for the bill. It took months for her to call me to tell me that Errol was not going to be sending me a bill. She went on to say that I had been a good customer over the years and in times of crisis they were glad they could help. What do you say to a person who tells you that? I am not one to cry, but there was no stopping my emotions after the month of fear and uncertainty of what the future would hold for us with a house that was no longer worth what a used Chevy was. I am not one to write testimonials, but this is one I not only felt I should do for the company but more importantly for all the consumers in the state. You owe it to yourselves and your hard earned dollars to use a company that works just as hard, who is honest and whose integrity you never have to question. They are a blessing to all that come in contact with them."

Stephanie Samuels~ Freehold & Toms River

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